• Keep your antivirus up to date.We prefer Microsoft Security Essentials or Defender on Windows 8 (Click on our Tools & Links page for a free download)
  • Always keep up to date your Microsoft Updates, Adobe Flash and Java (This will increase security and performance on your computer while your browsing the internet)
  • Uninstall unwanted software and run Ccleaner to keep your computer free of temporary files, cookies among other files not needed by your computer (Click on our Tools & Links page for a free download)
  • Virus and Security Prevention: Be careful with emails from bank, u.p.s., fedex, credit card, bank and many other fake websites who infect or compromise your security. (
  • Email: Email is hard to keep secure avoid Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, MSN we recommend Gmail by far for spam and security. But remember free mail is free email. Gmail is also very powerful for calendar, contacts and documents use.
  • Passwords: Don't use easy passwords that can be hacked easily. Use at least 8 characters, number, capitol letter and or a symbol.
  • Free: beware of free software, programs, toolbars. Most software you download comes with other software by default. Make sure you uncheck and not install other software that comes with FREE software. Avoid toolbars of any sort. (They change browser settings and navigation.  Making it slower as well.)
  • Wireless: We recommend you secure your router/wireless with wpa or higher. Wireless passwords do not really matter but the security protocol does. Do not use WEP this is the lowest security protocol. Do not leave your wireless open so others get a free ride to your internet and network. We can do this for you but most of your internet providers with do it for you for free. Call them first.
  • Back up: Always back up to a secondary device. Meaning save it on your local drive and save it on another (Usb Drive, Online). If your data is important then make sure you have a back up copy somewhere. We recommend dropbox. Its free and installs locally on your computer, with a mirror copy online. Click on our Webtools link for dropbox and yes its free.

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