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Bitdefender Antivirus free eddition. Just register your e-mail and you get 1 year free.




CCleaner for cleaning temporary files & speeing up your computer. Comes with a registry cleaner among other great FREE tools.



Remove Malware Cleaner. Unable to connect to websites fix. This link has other tools like: TDS Killer, RKill, Junkware Removal Tool and AdwCleaner.



Check your internet speed. Provided by M-LAb. (Same servers Google uses, you can also do a Google search for speedtest.




Get Adobe PDF Reader. lets you install multiple programs with one quick download. Programs like: Java, Adobe Reader, Openoffice. Visit the site and you can see the various programs.



Free WPS Office/Kingsoft Similar to Microsoft Office but FREE.



Microsoft Security Essentials for Spyware, Antivirus & Malware. Free download.



Remote Help use TeamViewer. Download and install. Have your site ID# and pasword for remote help.



Green hosting provided by Please click on our link for a better deal for you and for us with this referral.



Click here and install dropbox it will help us both get more free space. Make sure you use the link its a referral link. Thanks!




Credit Card Payments by cloverGO payment systems





PC Tree's Google Apps login and highly recomended.

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